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Photographer Tim McMahan

About the Photographer

Tim McMahan

Stopping for sunsets and passionate about photography. I love sharing the beauty the good Lord has been so gracious to give us. I’m humbled that others are inspired by what I’ve had to good pleasure to capture.

I was first taught how to use an SLR by my dad when I was in the fifth grade. My senior year of high school brought the opportunity to be the Photo Editor for the yearbook. For most of that year I could be found with a camera in my hand. That created a life long habit of bringing my camera to anything and everything that might be significant.  Studying art in college and leaning on my photography skills in my professional life as a graphic designer pushed my skills and my love photography. Eventually I started to really lean into my natural gifts in landscape photography.

I’m excited for any opportunity to sit for an hour in a beautiful place and wait for the perfect light.

Photographer Tim McMahan exploring the Narrows at Zion National Park